About StFX Scholar

What is StFX Scholar?

StFX Scholar is St. Francis Xavier University’s institutional repository. The institutional repository was implemented by a working group comprised of various campus stakeholders and departments to be compliant with the stipulations put forth by the Tri-Agencies: CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC. The repository supports and promotes open-access research from all disciplines and provides access to the publications and contributions of StFX faculty members and students. Lastly, StFX Scholar is supported by Islandora open-access software.


How to deposit to StFX Scholar?

At this time (in 2020), we do not have an online formalized submission process. If you are interested in depositing publications or theses, please contact Meghan Landry directly at mlandry@stfx.ca.

Who can deposit to StFX Scholar?

Contributors to StFX Scholar must be affiliated with St. Francis Xavier University (hereby, the University) in some capacity. Alumni interested in depositing to the institutional repository, can contact mlandry@stfx.ca.

Scope of deposited content

  • Deposited content can be scholarly, creative, or teaching resources.

  • Deposited content must be in a completed state and in a digital format. See below for accepted file formats.

  • Contributors may choose to deposit content from before they became affiliated with the University.

  • Contributors must be willing and able to grant the University the non-exclusive rights to both preserve and make their work available through StFX Scholar.

Supported content types 

  • Publications

  • Dissertations

  • Undergraduate and graduate theses

  • Graduate major projects and capstone projects

  • Conference presentations, conference abstracts, and conference posters

  • Working papers and technical reports

  • Teaching and learning resources

Accepted file formats

  • Text: pdf (PDF/A format is preferred), docx, ppt, xml

  • Image: jpeg, png, tiff

Access to content

All content is made accessible online, except in circumstances when forbidden by contracts, rights, or embargoed for a specified amount of time. 

Request for withdrawal

All deposited content is considered permanent, unless the deposit agreement is violated or other exceptional circumstances. Any questions or concerns regarding this should be directed to mlandry@stfx.ca.


Depositing content

The contributor must either hold the copyright, or the right to deposit, for all contributed content. By depositing their work, the contributor agrees to give the University only the non-exclusive right to disseminate and preserve the content. Preservation may require reproducing the content in different formats to ensure future accessibility.

Creative Commons license

The University and the Angus L. Macdonald Library encourages contributors to apply a Creative Commons license, either CC-BY or CC-BY-NC. For more information on which license is most suitable for you and your work, explore examples of licensing types.


By depositing your content into StFX Scholar, you are ensuring that your research will be accessible and available for future generations. Once deposited the University and the Angus L. Macdonald Library:

  • Assign a persistent identifier that will ensure the object and its associated metadata will always be found;

  • Provide secure storage on robust servers that do routine backups;

  • Create rich metadata fields and records to support accessibility and management over time.


If you have any questions, please contact Meghan Landry at mlandry@stfx.ca.