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Visual record of intertidal disturbance caused by drift ice in the spring on the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia.
Oil binding capacities of triacylglycerol crystalline nanoplatelets: nanoscale models of tristearin solids in liquid triolein.
Telephone-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy for high anxiety sensitivity: a randomized controlled trial.
Are we driving our kids to unhealthy habits? Results of the active healthy kids Canada 2013 report card on physical activity for children and youth.
Parental perceptions of school-based influenza immunisation in Ontario, Canada: a qualitative study.
Enhanced dietetics education through collaboration: a study to identify opportunities.
A biomechanical comparison of the vertical jump, power clean, and jump squat.
Ordering dynamics in collectively swimming Surf Scoters.
Prevalence and Correlates of Food Insecurity among Students Attending a Small, Rural Canadian University.
Equity reporting: a framework for putting knowledge mobilization and health equity at the core of population health status reporting.
Interaction between a Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug (Ibuprofen) and an Anionic Surfactant (AOT) and Effects of Salt (NaI) and Hydrotrope (4-4-4).
An Evaluation of e-CHECKUP TO GO in Canada: The Mediating Role of Changes in Social Norm Misperceptions.
3-{(E)-[4-(4-Hy-droxy-3-meth-oxy-phen-yl)butan-2-yl-idene]amino}-1-phenyl-urea: crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis.
Neurotic Personality Traits and Risk for Adverse Alcohol Outcomes: Chained Mediation through Emotional Disorder Symptoms and Drinking to Cope.
Effects of Psychiatric Comorbidity in Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Disease: Protocol for a Prospective Study.
Groups clapping in unison undergo size-dependent error-induced frequency increase.
Lactate metabolism: historical context, prior misinterpretations, and current understanding.
Anxiety Sensitivity Mediates Relations Between Attachment and Aggression Differently by Gender.
Operation and performance of the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter in Run 1.
Marine Antifouling Behavior of Lubricant-Infused Nanowrinkled Polymeric Surfaces.