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Is Personality Associated with Secondhand Harm from Drinking?
GABA-, histamine-, and FMRFamide-immunoreactivity in the visual, vestibular and central nervous systems of Hermissenda crassicornis.
Prevalence of obesity and overweight and its associated factors among registered pensioners in Ghana; a cross sectional studies.
Experiences of pregnancy complications: Voices from central Haiti.
Climate change projections and public health systems: Building evidence-informed connections.
Unimodal relationship between small-scale barnacle recruitment and the density of pre-existing barnacle adults.
Using a Music Video Parody to Promote Breastfeeding and Increase Comfort Levels Among Young Adults.
Expansion of the Lyme Disease Vector Ixodes Scapularis in Canada Inferred from CMIP5 Climate Projections.
Fish Parasite Dinoflagellates Haidadinium ichthyophilum and Piscinoodinium Share a Recent Common Ancestor.
WNK1 and p38-MAPK distribution in ionocytes and accessory cells of euryhaline teleost fish implies ionoregulatory function.
Unlimited niche packing in a Lotka-Volterra competition game.
A prospective evaluation of the depression-nutrient intake reverse causality hypothesis in a cohort of community-dwelling older Canadians.
Cleaning service gaps in Bermuda, North Atlantic.
Not All Orgasms Were Created Equal: Differences in Frequency and Satisfaction of Orgasm Experiences by Sexual Activity in Same-Sex Versus Mixed-Sex Relationships.
A Biomphalaria glabrata peptide that stimulates significant behaviour modifications in aquatic free-living Schistosoma mansoni miracidia.
Gender differences in physical activity are partially explained by anxiety sensitivity in post-secondary students.
Pharmacists' immunization experiences, beliefs, and attitudes in New Brunswick, Canada.
First Evidence for cos2β>0 and Resolution of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa Quark-Mixing Unitarity Triangle Ambiguity.
Comorbid anxiety, depression, and cognition in MS and other immune-mediated disorders.
Genetic variants in genes related to inflammation, apoptosis and autophagy in breast cancer risk.