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Solidarity, Allies and Social Movement Learning:  Exploring the Learning of Delegates to Northwestern Ontario
Does the Study of Calculus in High School Improve the Success Rate of First Year University Calculus Students?
Assessing the Continuing Professional Educational Needs of Educators
Becoming a Teacher of Differentiated Instruction:  Sharing Narratives of Experience, Ideas and Guidelines for Classroom Teachers
Teaching Adults in a City in Crisis: An Autoethnographic Journey of a Teacher in an Adult High School
Bearing Witness To Our Losses:  Meaning-Making as Sustainability In A Community-Based Aids Organization
Steps to Promoting Childhood Reading:  The Importance of Early Intervention
Pedagogies for Building Cultures of Peace:  Challenging Constructions of an Enemy with Canadian Young Adults
Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Flux from Prince Edward Island and Kouchibouguac National Park Salt Marsh Sediments:  Environmental Controls and Implications for Blue Carbon
Geochemical and isotopic signatures as proxies for source mantle composition in a post-collisional tectonic setting:  an example from SW England
Exploring the Effect of Clearcut Harvesting on Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Levels 35 Years Following Harvesting
Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Analysis of Early Silurian Graptolites from Arctic Canada:  Applications to Chemostratigraphy and Paleoecology
Peramora Melange:  Tectonic significance of a mafic melange in the Pangean suture zone, SW Iberia
Sensitivity of Land-Surface Schemes with the WRF Regional Climate Model over South America
Mineralogy as a Controlling Factor on Recoverable Ni-Grade in the Minago Nickel Deposit, Southwestern Thompson Nickel Belt
Effects of the Fish Ladder on Waughs River, Nova Scotia
The rhinophores provide sufficient sensory input for odour-based navigation by the nudibranch mollusc, Tritonia diomedea
Responses of Chondrus crispus Stackhouse to different qualities of light:  morphological, physiological and molecular plasticity
Isolation of an Astaxanthin Dye From Nudibranchs and an Anti-Campylobacter Peptide From Dairy Sources